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”Agam Jewish Art” deals With the sole production and marketing of art products based on the unique original works of the artists Nava and Meir Agam.
The study of the abovementioned artists is located in Jerusalem, and the insipration of the holy city greatly effects their work. This couple of artists observe Torah and Mitzvot and integrate wonderfully between their talent, their belief and their art.

The variety of products include artistic printing productions, greeting cards, certificates of honour, Judaica pictures, Ketubot, ”Grace after Meals” and other pieces of work made to order.

The variety of possibilities which ”Agam Jewish Art” introduces is large, from unique expensive originals, through lithographies in various techniques, down to reprints in many patterns and sizes, as well as works on various sorts of materials, made according to each client’s requirement.

The company’s products are marketed in Israel and abroad and beautify thousands of homes and institutes all over the world. A special department deals with the production of unique prospectus and works for Yeshivot and Torah institutes, who use them as impressive and original presents given to friends and donators.

Each and every piece of work marketed by us is in itself our ”sale representative”, and therefore all our works undergo a very strict quality control.

We hereby introduce to you a detailed catalogue of our products which speak for themselves in their special style and quality.

For further details, clarifications and suggestions – we shall be happy to be at your service.

Yours sincerely,
Agam Jewish Art


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